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  • Did I Fracture
    "Thx for the advice. My jaw is a little better now... still painful but better. I found out that it was not fractured. It was very badly brui..."
  • Did I Fracture
    "Or about my jaw."
  • Did I Fracture
    "Back to the CF topic... If you want to know anything else about CF, just ask."
  • Did I Fracture
    "Ok, I'll just leave it then. Thx"
  • Sad
    "I think that is probably referring to me, too. And some people handle pain differently than others... some have high pain tolerance and some..."
  • Did I Fracture
    "Off topic, is it possible to change your gtq username?"
  • Did I Fracture
    "Does Cystic Fibrosis(CF) hurt? No. CF allows infections to grow in the lungs easily, so I have a lot of respiratory issues. That's pa"
  • Did I Fracture
    "Yes, I do."
  • Did I Fracture
    "And I do have anxiety problems... that could be why I'm so concerned for my body."
  • Did I Fracture
    "And I'm not taking it as rude, but I'm not trying to get attention or sympathy. i'm just concerned for my body, since my parents won't take ..."
  • Did I Fracture
    "I told my parents. And BTW, I can barely eat without too much pain, and talking even hurts. Smiling even is painful. That's wh"
  • Did I Fracture
    "But seriously, if anyone has any advice of how to treat it, please tell me."
  • Did I Fracture
    "Thx. No offense taken."
  • Did I Fracture
    "How am I an idiot??"
  • Am I too sick
    "And just because I like hearing people's advice doesn't mean that their advice is ligit (not saying yours wasn't) and that I should do what ..."

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