I did not create this quiz to stereo type people... please give honest answers and i will give you an honest opinion...i know this is one of many similar quizzes but mine is made by me... Have FUN!

So Are You A Prep? Or An Emo? Maybe Your A nerd? FIND OUT AND COMMENT :D If You Have any requests for other quizes let me know in the comments....hope you enjoy! :)))))

Created by: Jenni

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When You Go To The Mall... Your Choice Of Store (consisting of a choice below) Would Be...
  2. If You Had To Choose A Name For MSN,AIM,GOOGLE IM... ex. what would you choose?
  4. You And Your BFFFL (best Friend for F****** life) compare...
  5. What Do You Consider Yourself To BE???
  6. Have You Heard The Emo Song? What Do You Think?
  7. Do You Like Pink?
  8. Last Question... Ready For Your Answer?
  9. Are You Sad That I Lied?
  10. For Real This Time... This Is The Last Question... do you have black hair?

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