POV Quiz (Week 2)

There are many speech people, but few true people are well aware of the activity. This is, afterall, quite an exceptional activity. So what is a speech and debate fanatic? This is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, who remembers interesting tid-bits about the season, and BE THE NEXT POV.

Are YOU the NEXT POV? Do you have the ability to choose correctly who will be saved? It's time for you to find out and take this quiz in order to be the next POV!!!! So in a few questions, you will find out who will be the next POV!!!!

Created by: Suddenly Victor

  1. The PONTONS finaled at every tournament they attended.
  2. Docia's Drama has broken at every tournament this year!!
  3. Congrats!! Christos and Peter received their first bid at ASU when they won Policy Debate!!
  4. Christos and Peter lost to Kent Denver in Round 2 at ASU due to John Gray.
  5. Victor was first seed going into quarter-finals of DRAMA!!
  6. Jeff Dunne's "Speech and Debate" career was ended by...
  7. Desert Vista has _____ entries going to Nationals
  8. Finish this phrase "And thats the ___"
  9. Everytime that Paige has competed in Storytelling, she wins!!
  10. Who was the next team into Semi-Finals in Policy Debate?
  11. Tie-Breaker: Who was surprised that each time s/he has faced a BCP policy team, s/he has lost?

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