POP Quiz: Are You a Fangirl?

Fan girl: A girl (sometimes even a boy) totally in the curve with what's happening in today's pop culture. Someone who knows the who, what, when and where about 2015's superstars.

Do you consider yourself a fan girl? Think you know what you need to to earn the title? If you think you're ready for it... Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: tacita
  1. What does 5SOS stand for?
  2. What is Selena Gomez's star sign
  3. What is Bea Miller's debut album's name?
  4. What famous Disney star currently stars on Broadway in 'Gigi'?
  5. What franchise competition united One Direction?
  6. What is Justin Bieber's little sister's nickname?
  7. What is Amanda Steele's Youtube username?
  8. Who is Ryan McCartan's girlfriend?
  9. What is Zoe aka Zoella's brothers name?
  10. Who is NOT a member of Fifth Harmony?
  11. Who is the youngest member of 5SOS?
  12. Where is Niall Horan originally from?

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Quiz topic: POP Quiz: am I a Fangirl?