Personality Quiz

There are many types of people out here in this big world, but very few people know their personality. What type of personality do you have? Is it the same as your friends? Or is it different?

Do you know what type of personality you have? Of course you do!!! WRONG!! Take this test to find out your true type of personality. Don't think just do it.

Created by: Courtney

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  1. Someone bumps you in the hallway by accident... You say...
  2. Someone trips in the hallway and falls down... You...
  3. Someone drops their books... You
  4. You are offered a job... You say...
  5. A fight breaks out and your in it... You...
  6. These next questions don't have any effect I just need to do them
  7. Hello
  8. :)
  9. This sucks
  10. Hey

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