Path of Stars: Part 2

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This is the next chapter in Sparkkit’s life. We are focused on 3 toms: Lionpaw is kind-hearted, Breezepaw is determined, Pouncepaw is trustworthy, and Thunderpaw is skilled.

Nobody knows if the toms like Sparkkit, you’ll find out in this quiz! Will Sparkkit like any of the toms? You can decide! Thank you for taking this quiz!

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. Soon, Glowshade shows you the training hollow, the Sky Oak, and the TreeClan border. You reach the final stop: the WaveClan border. You see the glare of green eyes, and out jumps a fox! What battle tactic do you use?
  2. Suddenly, a whirl of brown fur jumps out from behind the border and swiftly claws at the fox. The fox whimpers and runs away.
  3. Glowshade starts walking back to camp, leaving you alone with the apprentice.“I’m Thunderpaw! What’s your name?” The tom asks. “I’m Sparkpaw.” You say. “What a pretty name! Please visit me again soon!” He says. “Bye!”
  4. When you get back to camp, you head to the apprentice’s den and see that there are 4 nests open. Which do you choose?
  5. Whatever you choose, you end up with a nest between Lionpaw and Featherpaw. The next morning, Streamstar calls a clan meeting to make Hollykit, your little sister, an apprentice. The 3 toms all want to sit next to you. Who do you choose?
  6. The next day, Glowshade calls you over. “Hello, Sparkpaw! Today you’ll be hunting with Lionpaw and Featherpaw! Hunt until Sundown and then come back. I’ll go gather them and then go outside camp to meet them.” Glowshade starts walking away.
  7. As you start hunting, you smell a very faint scent. Streamstar! You immediately stop hunting and follow the scent trail through the forest.
  8. When the scent trail stops, you find yourselves in a cave! The cave had glowing worms on the top and a pool rested in the middle. Your mother hadn’t told you about this place. Lionpaw and Featherpaw eyed the cave curiously.
  9. A voice starts speaking to you. “Hello Sparkpaw, Lionpaw and Featherpaw, I am Dovestar. I was Brightstar’s mentor. I have come to tell you something very important. When the spark turns into a heart, the lion will light the path. The feather will be be a song, and the fire will turn into a pool. But beware: A dark storm threatens the way. Four cats need to save the day.” Dovestar slowly vanished, leaving the trio dumbstruck and openmouthed.
  10. Featherpaw starts to speak. “The prophecy gives us a hint about our warrior names! Feathersong, Sparkheart, and Lionlight!” The cats nodded. You start heading back to camp to tell Streamstar.
  11. As you got back, you hunted. In total, you caught 2 voles, 3 rabbits, and you caught a squirrel on your first try! As you walked into camp, everyone stared at your squirrel. You gave it to your mother. Breezepaw asked to share prey with you.
  12. Breezepaw talked to you, and you had a good chat. You could tell that he was dropping hints. After sharing prey, you decided to go into the forest for a walk.
  13. Suddenly, something jumped on you and pinned you down. It was Thunderpaw! “Hello, Sparkpaw! Meet me tomorrow night at the border.” Then he left, purring.
  14. You settle down in your nest when you get back to camp. In your sleep, Pouncepaw gets close to you. He kept getting closer.. and closer… you black out!

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