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"Are you a real astronomer? this quiz will allow you to be certain that you have understood why the moon appears in the night with different shapes..."

"You might also learn some other things about our solar system. What's the difference between a comet and an asteroid? Is the Sun a star or a planet?"

Created by: Sophie
  1. What is the shape of our solar system?
  2. What is the name of our sun?
  3. What is a comet?
  4. Approximately how much time passes between a new Moon and the next new Moon?
  5. In ONE month, you observe the Moon phases in one of the sequences listed below. Select the sequence that is in the correct order.
  6. Why do we see different phases of the Moon?
  7. How much of the total surface of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun when it is at quarter phase?
  8. Because the moon rotates once for each revolution around the Earth
  9. From new moon to full moon phase you see:
  10. When the visible portion of the moon is increasing, the moon is:
  11. When only a small part of the moon is visible, the moon may be in its:

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