My quizz thnigo XD

:oo There are few people who I think actually know me.. but then again.. i may be wrong? XD this quiz.. is all about me.. has im not sure lol.. about 10-13questions? :P.. do itttttttt

Do you think you know alot about me? take this quiz! lol XD cause yeah.. bah this spot is so gay.. have to fill it in tho.. omg it has to be one hundred and fifty characters.. -dies- so yeah full out the quiz.. u may learn shizz from it.. maybe? i dont know how it works actually? XD PMSL it wont let me mention the one hundred and fifty chanracter requirement :P

Created by: jazo

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many piercings do i have?
  2. What am i better at.. legal studies or english?
  3. Do i want to get a tattoo, if yes.. of what and were?
  4. What peircings do i have?
  5. What sexual preference am i?
  6. What is my opinion on guys?
  7. How many girls have i hooked up with?
  8. Who do i class as my best friend?
  9. Who did i hook up with once [while drunk] and thought i was full inlove with them? -dies-
  10. How tall am i?

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