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Hi! I'm Lilysplash! I've made a few quizzes before, but here is one of them! This is a fanmade story of some of Starclan Battles Characters: Mosspaw; Lilypaw; Greypaw; Poolpaw; and Wolfthorn (Wolfpaw)

My friend Needledusk manages the questions so don't forget her credit too! My questions are alternate universes so this is my first fan made one! I hope you enjoy answering my questions!

Created by: Lilysplash

  1. You are an apprentice named Mosspaw! You walk into the apprentices den and see Wolfpaw, Greypaw, Poolpaw, and Lilypaw! Wolfpaw asks "Oh! You're the new apprentice right?" you answer "Yea, I'm Mosspaw!". Wolfpaw shows you around, what do you think of him?
  2. After your tour, your mentor Lavenderfur, rushes you to bed. You have a big day tomorrow! It's a new day and Lavenderfur brings you with Greypaw to go hunting. You reach the riverbank and Greypaw demonstrates a catch! What do you think of Greypaw?
  3. You return with a giant salmon! You show it off to the other apprentices. Lilypaw thinks you're cocky and goes back into the den. The toms stay back and help you add it to the fresh kill pile. Who do you want to help you?
  4. After that, you catch a small shrew! You want to share it with one of the apprentices, but you can't share it with all 4 of them. Who do you want to share with?
  5. It is time for bed, you go to sleep and wake up early in the morning! It is the day for you to practice swimming. Lavenderfur says that you can bring one of the other apprentices with you! Who do you want to practice swimming with?
  6. You go swimming with Wolfpaw/Greypaw/Poolpaw/Lilypaw/Lavenderfur! You have successfully learnt all the important Riverclan skills over the course of a week! Lavenderfur tells the other apprentices and they gasp in awe! They all want you to be their mentor! Although you disagree, Lavenderfur allows you to teach your fellow apprentices some tricks! But who do you want to teach?
  7. Tomorrow is your first day teaching! You go to bed early and you soon see Wolfpaw curl up in front of you. What do you think?
  8. The next day, you bring the apprentices to the river! You ask __________ to demonstrate swimming with you.
  9. Finally, out of all these toms, who do YOU like?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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