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StarClan has sent many prophecies, but none of them work. When all hope is lost, though, they need to send out a prophecy. This time, StarClan is sure that these cats will work….will they? The picture is of Icekit.

Who will you choose as your mate? Will it be reckless Pinestorm? Or maybe mysterious Rowanwhisker? Or maybe the kind and brave Seaheart is for you? Maybe you might even like former rogue Leafsun? Find out who in this quiz!

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. As you wake up, Rowanpaw comes up to you. “Moonpaw! Guess what! We’re 12 moons old today! Squirrelstar will be holding our warrior ceremony at Sunhigh today!” Your reaction:
  2. Just then, there was a loud call. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather below the Highledge for a clan meeting! Today, we are here to celebrate the arrival of 5 new warriors. Pinepaw, Rowanpaw, Cinderpaw, Seapaw, and Moonpaw, step forward.” You step forward with the others, trembling with excitement.
  3. She looks up to the sky. “ I, Squirrelstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Pinepaw, Rowanpaw, Seapaw, Cinderpaw, and Moonpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” Squirrelstar looks at you. “I do!” The five of you yell. Squirrelstar does a marrow of laughter and a flick of her tail.
  4. “Then from now on, you will be known as Pinestorm, Rowanwhisker, Seaheart, Cinderfur, and Moonheart! Pinestorm! Rowanwhisker! Seaheart! Cinderfur! Moonheart!” She chants. Everyone chants, “Pinestorm! Rowanwhisker! Seaheart! Cinderfur! Moonheart!” Each of you step forward and lick her shoulder, then she rests her muzzle on each of your heads.
  5. You were greeted by a sea of cats trying to congratulate you, including the toms. You start looking for a famillar pelt that is…..
  6. *Sundown* You are at your vigil. A tom moves close to you, and your pelts brush. Who do you want it to be? If you pick Leafsun, he will be returning from a patrol.
  7. During your vigil, Spottedleaf comes again. You dip your head as she comes. “Hello, little one. Congratulations on getting your warrior name! I must tell you something important. Meet me…tomorrow…Seaheart will show you…” Then, she starts to fade away.
  8. *The next day, sunhigh* Seaheart comes over. “Hi, Moonheart! Wanna share?” He gestured to a big squirrel in his paw. Squirrels were your favorite food.
  9. Soon, the sun sets down into the evening. (If you chose not to eat with Seaheart, you already ate by yourself or with whichever tom you like.) It's time to relax and share tongues with the others. Pinestorm comes up to you, giving a nod for a greeting. "How has your day been?" 'It's been alright," you nod back, "Just a bit busy." "Okay. Well, I have a weird feeling Wavepelt likes me."
  10. Soon after, it was Sundown. It was time to meet Spottedleaf. Seaheart takes you outside camp, where Spottedleaf appears.
  11. But just then, a flash came. A snow-white cat wa standing there. “Icekit!” You say. You recognize her as your long-lost sister. “I am here to teach you something very special. I am going to teach you how to awaken your powers.”
  12. Spottedleaf came forward first and pressed her muzzle to Seahearts. “Seaheart. You have healing powers.” Then, she steps over and lays her muzzle on your head. “Moonheart, you can see and speak with cats from StarClan and you can never get hurt in battle. Now, the powers can only work for silver cats with blue eyes, like you two, but I made a few…exceptions.” A bush parted to reveal Cinderfur and Rowanwhisker standing there, with their mouths open.
  13. A prophecy whispered in your ears. “When rowan turns black and the shadows rule, have hope, moon, cinder, and sea will rise to dispel the darkness.” Just then, Spottedleaf and Icekit faded away.
  14. And..Cliffhanger!

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