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Hi! this quiz is created by TitanFan0986. I am going to explain to you, what you have to do. There are 12 questions. 3 or 4 options will be given and you have choose correct answer. Good luck!

Oh and tell me....are you in Team Kong or Team Godzilla, cuz I am in Team Kong, because he has a cool axe, Also Good luck for the quiz, wait.... did I said that already? Bye!

Created by: TitanFan0986

  1. What was the first MonsterVerse movie?
  2. Who is trapped on Skull Island
  3. What is Kong's new weapon called in Godzilla vs Kong?
  4. Who created MonsterVerse?
  5. Which year did Monarch released a nuclear bomb to Godzilla?
  6. What is the second MonsterVerse movie?
  7. What is Kong's battle axe's blade made of?
  8. Where is Kong's home in Godzilla vs Kong?
  9. Who's skull is Apex using to power MechaGodzilla?
  10. Choose the option which is NOT in Skull Island
  11. What does TTP stand for in Godzilla vs Kong?
  12. Which Godzilla vs Kong meme is most famous?

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