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Do you love k-on?who's your favorite character? is she related to your personality? find out if you're Yui, mio, ritsu, mugi, or azusa... this is a personality test.

it's so interesting to finf out of who's those cute cheerful girls are you, it'll inspire you more to love this musical, highschool, comedy, and cutesy anime..

Created by: hummingbird
  1. let's start with the common question, what do you want to take place as a musician?
  2. which best word describes you?
  3. your going on a trip let's say training camp...
  4. What bothers you?
  5. are you?...( be honest)
  6. are you easily pissed off?
  7. do you take you responsibilities seriously?
  8. what would you prepper to wear?
  9. do you know anything about music?
  10. who's your fave character
  11. okay it' the end...(what's your response?)

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