Miraculous Ladybug (Life!)

This is just a fun little thing, i know it’s short. Give me more ideas for quizzes in the comments! Also…BE HONEST. please have fun and enjoy! I really hope you like it!

Also, all these i made up (other than the Zodiacs, lemme know if you want me to make a series out of some of them!)Anyways, sit back and relax and enjoy he Quiz!

Created by: :3
  1. Rp time! You have a Miraculous, and but your finishing your quiz, do you go save paris?
  2. What would be your reason why you got akumitized? (sorry i’m losing ideas!
  3. You figure out Lila is telling Lies about you!
  4. Your captured by hawkmoth what do you do?
  5. LadyBug and Cat Noir Save you, how do you react?
  6. You hear someone calling you…
  7. The end! Hope you had fun!
  8. Sike! Anyways, you figure out Your friend got kidnapped by HawkMoth
  9. If you had a choice..,Villain? Hero? Or Anti-Hero?
  10. And Last of all, Cat Noir’s Kwami? Or LadyBugs?

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