This is to see which one of these brit cuties would date you. Will it be the sarcastic danisnotonfire? OR the innocent amazingphil? Whatever your answer is, I hope you like it.

Don't worry, the answers on this quiz are not that long, and i tried to not to say anything, but dans MINE! sorry, he's just so hot! any way this is for all the Phans out there hope you like this quiz!

Created by: alex
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok i know everybody hates this one, but wuts your favorite color?
  2. wut are you currently obsessed with right now?
  3. with one of these animals would you like for a pet
  4. pick an article of clothing:
  5. what can u never leave the house without having/doing?
  6. robots or dinosuars
  7. which of these celebrity/s are you most likely to fangirl over?
  8. dessert or no dessert
  9. do you want a hamster?
  10. ok who do you secretly want
  11. bye luv! hope u like this quiz

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