Make a weapon and Ill tell you which demigod you are.

I love Percy Jackson and looked up one of these quizs and there were none so I made one. I hope you enjoy. I tried to be as honest as possible. I hope you enjoy this test and please answer honestly as possible for the very best result

Have you ever wondered what Percy Jackson character am I? Well here’s your answer take this quiz and I’ll tell which Percy Jackson character are you.

Created by: Emma Grace

  1. What material
  2. What weapon
  3. What power would it have
  4. What would you use your weapon for
  5. Who would make your sword
  6. Would you add gemstones
  7. What is your favorite Percy Jackson book?(doesn’t count against you)
  8. What words would you like carved in your weapon
  9. What grip material
  10. How long (for sword, lance, spear, and knife)

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