Lyrics baby Can you finish it

So idk what I am supposed to put here but if you took my quiz and got a 100 yay for you you are amazing or at least you have good taste in music he he he

Do you have what it takes to fill in the blanks if so taker my qwiz and oh yeah good luck mwah hah ha hah ah so thats my evil laugh yeah i know =) =0

Created by: Chelsea

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  1. I'd like to make my self believe that planet _____ turns slowly
  2. I'm just a little bit caught in the____ life is a maze love is a _____
  3. I'm sorry but this is my fate everything is worthless no one wants me to _____
  4. Time means everything stop telling me im waisting your time your gettin ______ and your running your mouth like your_______
  5. So here goes______
  6. Your eyes roll awake your looking at me you said________ did i fall asleep and you carry me home
  7. You say were both_____ and you like it that way but in time i'm gonna put this body to shame and grow old.
  8. Yesterday was full of tears knowing______ had just been here to day came with shatterd dreams.
  9. Those small town people with there big remarks aint got ______ to say about my movie star
  10. Mondays i _____ tuesdays ______ wednesdays are the worst and theres days i remanice.

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Quiz topic: Lyrics baby can I finish it