Luck Tester (test your luck 2.0)

An illusion's verisimilitude helps to trick us into seeing what isn't really there. Verisimilitude is the appearance of being true or real, and is something that we tend to all strive for in our daily lives. The word is often used to describe stories, so next time a friend tells you an epic story about their night, be sure to let them know whether or not their story had verisimilitude.

Brobdingnagian simply means huge or giant, and often refers to anything from Brobdingnag, a fictional place created by Jonathan Swift where everything was giant. The word isn't much used today, but it wouldn't be a brobdingnagian task to work it into our conversations from time to time.

Created by: Fortnite Fan
  1. two peeps walk into a bar
  2. Tier 1 season 3 battle pass was
  3. What epic emotes do i have?
  4. Faster now
  5. 1
  6. 2
  7. 5
  8. 4
  9. Answer correctly
  10. Mate

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Quiz topic: Luck Tester (test my luck 2.0)