Life as a warrior cat

This quiz is about your life as a warrior cat. Are you shy and gentle? Brave and loyal? PURLY EVIL? Well you can find out! (Also, I'm thinking of doing a quiz series, tell me in the comment's if I should.

I hope you like this quiz and find out who you really are as a warrior cat! fffffffffffffgggggggygtftytddydydydkuyyyyykvgccffffffffffffffffffjjcfffewt

Created by: Catfan
  1. Hello! Catfan here, are you ready for the quiz?
  2. You see your best friend fighting off two foxes. He\she is losing. What do you do?
  3. What is your fur and eye color?
  4. What do you want in a mate?
  5. It's time for you to get and apprentice! Who do you choose?
  6. What rank are you?
  7. You are battling an enemy clan. You mate, kit, and leader (who is on his last life) are all outnumbered. Who do you save? (I'm sorry, I know everyone askes that question.)
  8. This doesn't affect your score, but who is your favorite character in the warrior cats seires?
  9. Did you like the quiz?
  10. What is your name?
  11. Are you a She-cat or a Tom or do you not care?
  12. Should I make another quiz?
  13. Results in 3 2 1...

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