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The koma brothers are in my top 10 yo kai. They used to live in the countryside, but after a reconstruction of the countryside, they were forced to leave, pack up their belongings and head out to the big, wide world. They now live in the city, just trying to live a harmless, peaceful life. They both have jobs, Komasan is the boss of a toy company, and Komajiro is a DJ, known as DJKJ. To make them sound even more human–like, Komasan even gets a girlfriend.

They may be the same species, but they are very different compared to each other, and that makes them great for personality quizzes. Also, second illuminati character! Vote in the comments! The selection is in a question, so you know. So without further adu, lest's start!♪

Created by: Kybi Komasan
  1. First question... Bustling city or calm countryside?
  2. Foods
  3. Sans or Paparus? (ok that was random)
  5. MeMeS aRe AwEsOmE
  6. Me: Veiukket? Veiukket:What's up Me: Show these dudes the way of ºωº, the furry god, ok Veiukket:Sure, KK
  7. Veiukket: ºωº is cool and everything, but I know something better. My art! Pick one to take home before you head back to mama, ok?
  8. Veiukket: thanks! But it's getting kinda late, might have to take my leave now. Sorry!
  9. me: i'm back! also, before you leave, i wanna ask you something. i want a second alluminarti (hope i spelt it corectly) charater. in case you don't know, it means someone who appears in different places, like mio in the minecraft secret elevator. Veiukket: and me! me: and you too, veiukket. so, who is it gonna be? also, leave your pick in the comments!
  10. me: bye! veiukket: bye, glanceon glance! mio: *jumps in elevator with FGTV to feature in party in the elevator* DanTDM: goodbwye! doge: WOW elmo: na na na na elmo's world DON CHAN: *plays the drums* otto and egon: meow

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