Knowledge beyond belief

I have been searching this funny earth-planet for years and years now, searching for the chosen one! Being the chosen one is not easy! You need the brainpower and imagination of a genius!

Are YOU the chosen one?!? Have you got what it takes? If you think you have a chane of being the chosen one, come, step into my office and let me test you!!!

Created by: Quizly

  1. Who invented the first lightbulb?
  2. What are the two types of lenses?
  3. Who invented cats eyes?
  4. What type of plane was the first ejector seat fitted into?
  5. Who invented the safety pin?
  6. Who invented the computer mouse?
  7. What is the Latin for elastic band?
  8. Who invented the motorboat?
  9. Why is global warming happening?
  10. What is the world's fastest car?

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