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Hello there, I really appreciate the fact you chose to take this quiz. This quiz will test you about how much you know about the anime Haikyuu! From season 1-5 and the manga.

I would really appreciate it if you choose not to cheat and give you best possible answer you think. Please remember don’t stress out to much this quiz will only test the basic fact of Haikyuu.

Created by: Harajima Hitochi

  1. Who is the main character?
  2. What is the main character’s first name?
  3. Who is the main setter?
  4. Who is the captain?
  5. Who was the main setter?
  6. Who is the ace?
  7. Who are the forgottens?
  8. Who is the salty middle blocker?
  9. Who was the Ace of Karasuno
  10. What is that name of #12 of Karasuno?
  11. Which team is Karasuno’s rival team?
  12. Which team did they had to win over to go to nationals?
  13. Which team is Kageyama playing for now?
  14. Which team is Hinata playing for now?
  15. Did the two volleyball freak ever got to be in the Japan League team?
  16. Who introduced the two volleyball freaks to the Japan league

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