Just how crazy are you?

This quiz will help determine how crazy you really are. Most people who think they're sane are, in fact, the least sane of them all. We should all know that save for a select few, we are all a little crazy and true sanity is accepting others for who they are. This includes accepting your own inner crazy!

While the questions may seem very random, they will reveal your true nature and inner being to determine how connected to yourself and others you truly are.

Created by: Real Unicorn

  1. How much do you love cats?
  2. How funny are you?
  3. Do you often ask random questions and then research the answers to them? Think shower thoughts.
  4. Do you like pizza?
  5. Do you have a fun nickname?
  6. Do you collect things?
  7. Do peanut butter and jelly really belong together?
  8. Do you consider yourself smart?
  9. Would your friends say you're crazy?
  10. Does your first name start with the letter C?

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Quiz topic: Just how crazy am I?