Jackie Chan Adventures Trivia

The greatest show to ever appear on 4Kids... Jackie Chan Adventures (Tied only with the original Yugioh) now has a place on gotoquiz. If you are a true fan, you will enjoy this quiz.

This was my first quiz, i plan to make one for each season but this was a minor detail overview. I hope you enjoy this, Jackie Chan Adventures is a great show.

Created by: Scatman324

  1. What is the name of Uncles's store?
  2. What was the symbol of immortal who imprisoned Hsi Wu, the sky demon?
  3. Who are "The Inforcers?"
  4. How many talismans were there?
  5. How many Oni Masks where there? (Think carefully)
  6. Who is Captain Black's favorite MLB team?
  7. What did the snake talisman do?
  8. In Part 1 of Demon World (EP25), which 2 talismans did Jackie pull from Shendu?
  9. Who destroyed the talismans in the Season 3 opener?
  10. Who is Uncles favorite person?

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