Is your friend toxic/fake?

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Is your friend toxic or fake? Well, come and find out! Toxic and or fake friendships can cause mental illnesses like anxiety, or depression. It can also cause low self esteem, or self worth. Getting out of a toxic/fake friendship is a hard thing to do. Trust me, I've been there. Many times.

I'm not a professional, so this quiz might not be accurate. Also, all but 2 of the results have some sort of witty joke in them. If you like math, sorry because my jokes are sh1tting on math itself.

Created by: Maria Wong
  1. Does your friend blow you off to hang out with other people?
  2. Is your friend constantly telling people your secrets?
  3. Is your friend always bossing you around?
  4. How long does it take for your friend to notice when you are gone?
  5. Is your friend always spreading rumors about you/gossiping about you?
  6. Are they always asking you to do favors for them?
  7. Do they always seem to be using you for money, or skills, or items?
  8. When you are hanging out, do they always seem distracted?
  9. Does your friend always complain/yell at you for doing something that they did not like, but they do the same thing to you? (Example: you borrowed something and got it dirty. They complain/yell at you for that. When they borrow something and get it dirty, they don't care)
  10. Does your friend expect you to be friends with your enemies?
  11. Do they dismiss your feelings?
  12. If you were to talk about how you feel with your friend, would they just say that you are "too sensitive" or anything like that?
  13. Do they make barbed comments or "'jokes" about you, and expect you to laugh it off?
  14. Does your friend expect you to cancel all of your plans to hang out with her?
  15. Do they make you feel guilty about not doing what they want you to do?

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Quiz topic: Is my friend toxic/fake?