Is Your Enemy Just Jealous?(Accurate!)

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Enemies are made because of 3 major reasons: 1) You made them feel bad by acting badly towards them 2) They get jealous that you are better than them while they can be better if you weren't there and 3) You make them feel insecure about themselves.

So do you know the reason why your enemy hates you? Find out in minutes! I'm sorry but this is targeted on girls, not boys. It might work for boys too but... Just not too accurate=P.

Created by: VIPYasmin
  1. How did you make this person your enemy?
  2. Does she insult you about your appearance?
  3. Does she insult you about things that you're good at?
  4. Does she tell you that she's prettier/ more good looking than you?
  5. She makes fun of you in front of her friends... True?
  6. She talks bad about you behind your back. (True or false)
  7. Does she talk bad in your face/online alone?
  8. When you're doing something (anything like sports, tests, etc) does she make it into a competition?
  9. Do her friends hate you?
  10. Do your friends hate her?
  11. Bonus question (to make it more accurate!) Ok, does she keep hating you for reasons you don't know/ she's always mean to other girls/ she hates you because of something that happened before?

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Quiz topic: Is my Enemy Just Jealous?(Accurate!)