Have you noticed your cat is pot-bellied? Or noticed odd behavoir? Or that your cat has protruding nipples? Whatever it was, if you are taking this test, something obviously tipped you off that your cat might be pregnant.

This quiz provides an answer to the question, "Is my cat pregnant?" , an approximate timeline as to WHEN, advice, and about what stage pregnancy your cat is in.

Created by: Cat Queen
  1. Has your cat been outside in the last two months, or been with a male cat in that amount of time?(select earliest time if multiple times)
  2. Does your cat throw up or have morning sickness?
  3. Is your cat chubby on the belly?
  4. How do the cat's nipples look?
  5. Does the cat demonstrate nesting behavior?
  6. How is the cat's appetite?
  7. Right. So, has she been more affectionate lately?
  8. Has your cat been disapearing?
  9. Can you see or feel kicking in her tummy?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Is my cat PREGNANT? TEST NOW!