Is your boyfriend actually gay?

Are you worried about your own boyfriend being gay? Have you ever discovered ladies knickers in his drawer? does he wear your slippers, and silky pyjamas? Does he? huh ? huh ? huh ?

This will tell you the answer. indeed it will, the answer it will tell you, whats it gunna tell you? THE ANSWER. Can you read? if not, then its going to tell you the answer. thanks.

Created by: Trevor Lewis
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever walked in to his room and found him dressed in your clothes.
  2. Whats his favourite type of film?
  3. Does he wear fluffy slippers and silky pyjamas?
  4. Has he ever took interest in your magazines?
  5. He has tickets to somewhere, where would he most likely take you?
  6. Does he have sleepovers with his "friends"
  7. Does he cry at sad films?
  8. Does he wear perfume or aftershave?
  9. Do you often find that he wears a bra?
  10. Do you often find that he wears a bra?
  11. Is he good at choosing an outfit for you to wear?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend actually gay?