Is Your Animal Jam Den Like Mine?

Hello! this is my first Animal Jam quiz and i also do Harry Potter quizzes. My Harry Potter quizzes are called "How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?" and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz"

So this is a quiz to see if your den is like mine. You can buddy me on Animal Jam. My username is Moly176 and i sometimes go one my backup accounts called iloveajok8 and Steam59.

Created by: HarryPotter4ever

  1. Lets start with the outside - Do you have flowers on ether side of the path?
  2. Now the.. door part? Dow you have a opening and closing door with a spring welcome mat? And on the side do you have some windows?
  3. ok now lets go to the living room - Do you have a craft table with a rug under it? Two chairs on ether side? And a masterpiece and clock on the wall? Also do you have a lamp?
  4. Now the dinning room - Do you have a sturdy table and a flower in a vase on top, two marshmallow chairs and that's it. Simple right?
  5. ok lets move to the bedroom - Do you have a Sheep Vanity and a Purple Couch ( for the bed )?and lets not forgot the fireplace and the rug.
  6. Now for the back - Do you have a gate and a fireplace? Simplest yet.
  7. Last and not least, the extras - there's a opening and closing door to the bedroom and that's it
  8. wait i forgot this question - How many dens do you have?
  9. I need two more questions to publish this quiz so these will not effect your score. Do you like Harry Potter?
  10. Remember this will not effect your score. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Animal Jam Den Like Mine?