Is what you know about this world true?

There are many Myths and lies out there. Hopefully you don't fall into those traps and learn what is true and what is false. I hope you enjoy my quiz!

So do you know this world as well as you think? Take this quiz and find out and learn just how much you know. Darn, still need a few more characters.

Created by: Alexandra

  1. Eating before swimming causes cramps
  2. Video games cause children to behave violently
  3. A shark is far less likely to kill you then a vending machine
  4. If you drink diet coke and Mentos you will die
  5. Chewing gum can relive stress and help with concentration and memory
  6. Carrots help with eye sight
  7. Poinsettias are not poisonous
  8. Running in ran makes you more wet
  9. Touching a baby bird/returning it to its nest will not make the mother reject it
  10. Chameleons change colour to blend into its surondings
  11. Humans use only 10% of their brain power
  12. The tongue map is false (Sweet, Bitter, Salty, etc)
  13. Toilets flush the opposite way in Australia
  14. You cannot see the great wall of china from space but a giant pink stuffed bunny
  15. Wolve's howl do not howl at the moon
  16. The moon does not cause people to go crazy

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