Is My Soulmate Korean Or Japanese Or Chinese

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Your inner self knows that there is someone out there waiting just for you. The question you are asking is - Where? If this is you, then this quiz is for you

Telling us a little about yourself and what you expect from your soulmate can give indicators about the location of your soulmate. The more we get to know about you, the easier it will be to locate your soulmate

Created by: Erica Molimi

  1. Pick a letter
  2. What attracts you?
  3. What type of person are you?
  4. If something is forbidden, do you want it more or less?
  5. What matters most to you?
  6. What kind of pet do you prefer?
  7. Choose a colour
  8. What's your favourite part of visiting a new country
  9. What's the most important thing your soulmate should possess?
  10. Your perfect partner has to be...

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