If You Were In A Movie/TV Show What Character Would You Be?

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In This quiz, you will find out which character in a movie/show. There are 6 characters you can be! Which character do you want to get?? I am curious! Anyway, Have a great day!

Will You be the Main, Bestfriend, Enemy, love intreast, crush on main, Cool sibling. I hope you enjoy it! I am trying to fill my characters! It needs to be 150.

Created by: BCG

  1. Are you active in your day?
  2. Are You Likeable?
  3. Are You a good friend
  4. Is your life exciting?
  5. Do you think that you are underrated?
  6. Do you fall in love easily?
  7. Do you fit in?
  8. Do you do well in school
  9. Are you close with your siblings?
  10. Which character do u think u are (This won't affect anything)

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