if you mean or nice

there are many nice people....and sadly they are some mean people....nice people does the right thing and dont fight....and mean be is people that dont do the right things and love to figts...but now you gonna find out which one is you...

are you mean or nice?do you think you nice or mean?or you just not sure......until now you could only wonder........but thanks to this great quiz....in just a few minutes you will find out

Created by: egyptbuzz
  1. if someone throw a pillow at you what will you do?
  2. what well you do if someone hit you
  3. what well you do if someone broke your phone
  4. what are you afraid of
  5. what do you think your results gona be
  6. if you se a new kid in your class seating by them self....what well you do
  7. if somebody ask for your money.....what weel you do
  8. what is your sign
  9. if somebody kick you in your face...what did you do
  10. what is your favorite icarly character

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