Hunger Games Test

Ok so this is just another Hunger Games test. It can be hard though, so good luck and enjoy my quiz! It might not be perfect, oh well though! Enjoy!!!

Are you a real Hunger Games fan? Can you ace my test? Good luck, it can be tricky! Enjoy it please! Rate and comment PLEASE I want this to get featured :)

Created by: JohnLennonLover

  1. We will start off easy. Prim's district?
  2. Ok. Big jump... what district does Gale move to? You can choose I haven't read if you haven't, otherwise be honest
  3. What is Katniss's training score? (Out of a score of twelve)
  4. Glimmer is killed by ______________
  5. This Hunger Games is the-
  6. Rue is killed by...
  7. Katniss and Peeta's theme is what? (Costume not district theme)
  8. Why does the Captiol hate Katniss? (In first book)
  9. Katniss and Peeta are about to die from...
  10. The author of the trilogy is...
  11. Katniss has a pin with a what?
  12. What does prim leave to Katniss on the day of the reaping?

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