hp fan quiz (take me)

try this quiz if you believe you are a harry potter fan. for more harry potter, you can google and find a website. you could also perfect this quiz. so come on and at least give it a try!

in a little bit you will find a test that will be at a certain level of harry potter dificulty so in alittle bit take a shot at it! come on the quiz is waiting!

Created by: joshua

  1. where was harry potter born?
  2. was cho chang in the d.a.?
  3. wich one came first: order of the phoenix or goblet of fire?
  4. what was the spell r.j. lupin taught harry?
  5. who scared off voldemort?
  6. was snape a good or bad guy?
  7. what is the term ron uses the most?
  8. what is ron most afraid of?
  9. who is crookshanks and what did she do wrong?
  10. what color is harry's eyes?

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