Howrse-how much do you know?

Howrse has some very wise players,they know howrse all around and in every way! They can tell you anything about howrse,from ECs to Black Market Items!

Are you a howrse wise player? Thanks to this qui you can find out in a few seconds! It is quick,fun,and easy! And you will find out your howrse IQ. Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: DoctorWhoCrazy

  1. Why is howrse called howrse instead of horse?
  2. Who is minskins?
  3. What does GV stand for?
  4. True or false: Harmony packs cost 3 passes
  5. What are the sponsorship rewards for: A.joining B.completing the quests C.buying a pass D.completing the obj
  6. What does a shower in an EC do?
  7. Horn of Plenty EC version is called a ____
  8. What happens when you feed an Apple to a horse?
  9. What chance do you have of getting a unicorn foal after you cover it at the correct time with the correct mate?
  10. Elements for 100 BLUP?
  11. Which directory has an oprx search?
  12. So now your done! What did ya think?

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Quiz topic: Howrse-how much do I know?