how your life should end

well...hope you totally love this quiz. i kinda got a little sorta bord. (like totally bord) and so i did this and now i am even more bord, but got 2 go. bye

hey gyus hope you like my quiz its just something i did when i was at home alone on my computer because i got bord and dont let this thing get stuck in your head and be like "omg my life is gonna suck"

Created by: shana
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. on your wedding day you want to be wearing a_____dress
  2. you would rather name your first girl
  3. you would rather name your first boy
  4. you want to get married...
  5. do you like me so far
  6. you usually wear...
  7. you would rather marrie...
  8. you would rather die...
  9. if you could have 1 thing right now it would be...
  10. you want to
  11. this is the last question...

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Quiz topic: How my life should end