How you know your crush likes you, elementary only!

Your crush just might like you, but you won't find out unless you take this test! Come on try and guess the right answers, maybe you'll just get them right!

DO you have a crush? Do you like someone? Do you wanna date someone? TAKE THIS TEST! It has all your answers all you have to do is answer the questions then i'll give you my percent, good luck!

Created by: Lindsay
  1. What do you think your crush thinks you as?
  2. Does your crush try to stand behind or in front of you in line?
  3. Does he tease you?
  4. Has he changed his image lately?
  5. Does he try to touch you?
  6. Does he point out your flaws?
  7. It was your birthday, when does he say Happy Birthday, please be honest!!
  8. Does he try to talk to your friends?
  9. Do his friends talk to you?
  10. Does he talk mean to you?
  11. Does he touch your hair?

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Quiz topic: How you know my crush likes you, elementary only!