How will you DIE

There are many deaths in this world but whats yours?Is it some thing stupid or something you couldnt think of.Well you will find out in this amazing quizzzzzzz.

Do you no your death?Do you know how creative it could be to die?Now you will know and find out takes this amazing quiz and in just a few minutes you wil know!!

Created by: ayou

  1. Do you like kids?
  2. Do you like your life?
  3. Do you like money?
  4. Do you have a house and live alone in it?
  5. Do you have friends from high school?
  6. Do you tend to live old?
  7. Random
  8. Have you seen some thing wierd
  9. Are you parnoid?
  10. Did you like the quiz DOSENT COUNT

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Quiz topic: How will I DIE