How well do you know your cat?

Their are peoplrle who hate me but duck them I'm a good person...sorta well I'm not the sharpest knife BUT I HAVE A SHARP KNIFE if you are a jerk to me I'll kill you

I hate you.... Jk I luv you I'm a cat so... Ya know... But i am a cat I just want to be PET and loved *sobs* anyways im just trying to fill this thing out so bye!

Created by: CindyTheCat

  1. What cat has a distinct M shape on their head?
  2. What kind of cat is hairless?(easy)
  3. What color eyes do sphynx cats usually have?
  4. What purrrsonality do cats USUALLY have?
  5. What is a common eye color for Tabbys?
  6. What color eyes do Persian cats usually have?
  7. Which cat has alot of fur?
  8. What is the correct way to say *taking off a cats claws*
  9. What animal do most cats like to eat?
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my cat?