how well do you know your beanie boos

there are many smart beanie boo people, but very few true beanie boo experts, what is a beanie boos expert, a beanie boos expert is a person who truly understands beanie boos.

are YOU a beanie boos genius? can you qualify to be a beanie boos expert, so what should I put, I am not supposed to say how many characters I have to put on this, soooo.

Created by: Maya

  1. which beanie boo is purple
  2. which beanie boo is the 12th rarest beanie boo
  3. which beanie boo is the rarest cute beanie boo
  4. which beanie boo seller sells fake beanie boos
  5. 3 clues can help you find out the mystery beanie boo: she is purple, she is a bunny, she is retired
  6. which beanie boo has a double with the only difference of there eyes
  7. which beanie boo is holiday themed
  8. how many beanie boo walruses are there
  9. which beanie boo goes with Treasure
  10. IF Rainbow and Treasure had a rap battle what would it be about

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my beanie boos