How well do you know WoF (wings of fire)?

Hello! I’m echosong, i don’t do that many quizzes so this might be horrible... heh, ive only dont one other, a warrior cat one, i forgot what it’s called tho-

Uhm if you wanted to know stuff about me i’ll tell u some things... Favorite color: mint blue. Favorite tribe: Nightwings. Favorite hybrid: nightwing/rainwing. Least favorite dragon: peacemaker. Favorite dragon: moon. Favorite dragonet from the first ark: glory. least favorite dragonet from the first ark: Clay or tsunami?. least favorite queen: Scarlet. Favorite queen: Glory or thorn not quite sure. Ok, that’s all i guess, bye, hope you like my quiz!

Created by: EchoSong

  1. What egg in the first book was broken?
  2. What one of the dragnets becomes queen?
  3. after kinkajou gets hit with venom, dose she live?
  4. Who dose marrowsear tell the guardians to kill?
  5. what one of the dragonets is a hybrid?
  6. who was the first queen to in prison the dragonets?
  7. Who is moons secret friend?
  8. what one of moons friends ends up being a animus?
  9. What is quibli’s secret dream?
  10. In what book in the third ark dose blue get his wings?
  11. Dose queen wasp end up finding out crickets secret?
  12. Who dose blue have a crush on?
  13. What did cricket name the dragonet that came out of the egg she took?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know WoF (wings of fire)?