how well do you know Wings Of Fire??

if you don't know Wings Of Fire sorry but if you do I'm glad!! I have all the Wings Of Fire books so...well maybe not the third graphic novel cause it comes out September something 2019 so I'm waiting...patiently...OH COME ON!!!!!!!

ok, we`ve got my rage fixed. but I'm definitely waiting for the new books to come out Tui T. Sutherland make some more!!! anyway I would all read wings of fire cause its a great book

Created by: Whitout

  1. who does Tsunami like??
  2. who are the Dragonets Of Destiny?
  3. why is Clay immune to fire?
  4. who is Glory`s brother?
  5. who is Tsunami`s mom?
  6. who wants the Dragonets of Destiny dead?
  7. who are the false Dragonets of Destiny?
  8. which Icewings are loyal to Queen Glacier?
  9. how many Nightwings left Queen Glory in Talons of Power?
  10. last but not least... what was the Eye of Onyx enchanted to do??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Wings Of Fire??