How well do you know Underworld?

I know no one reads this so im going to throw a bunch of words together. dog you are a building coffee tables stairway hallway Lacuna Coil Evanescence Underworld

Underworld is an awesome movie ! t r u s t m e i t r e a l l y i s a g o o d m o v i e a n d i k n o w n o o n e r e a d s t h i s s o t h a t i s w h y i m d o i n g t h i s

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  1. In what year did the beginning of Underworld: Evolution take place in?
  2. How long was Selene in the ice capsule in Underworld: Awakening?
  3. How long is Underworld?
  4. How did Viktor die?
  5. How did Markus die?
  6. Who plays Selene?
  7. What day did Underworld: Evolution come out?
  8. What are lycans allergic to?
  9. How much money did the first Underworld make on its opening weekend in USA?
  10. Which company is associated with all of the Underworld movies?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Underworld?