How Well Do You Know Twilight?

Hello! You probably know Twilight, since you clicked this. But, if you don't, I'm not sure if you would find this quiz that fun. But, yeah. Twilight is about a human girl, (Bella Swan) who falls in love with a Vampire (Edward Cullen).

So! How well do YOU know Twilight? Are YOU the ultimate expert? Well, if you take this quiz, then you will know! Good luck, and hope you get good score! Hehe..

Created by: Bella
  1. What Is Edward's Full Name?
  2. For How Long Does Edward Stay Away In New Moon For?
  3. Why Does Bella Want To Be A Vampire?
  4. Who Is the First Person To Meet Bella In School? (In The Movie)
  5. What Is Bella's And Edward's Child's Ability?
  6. Where Does Edward Take Bella On Their Honeymoon?
  7. Which Of These Statements Is True?
  8. Who Is Bella's Best Friend?
  9. What Colour Are Hungry Vampire's Eyes?
  10. What Is Bella's Full Name?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight?