How well do you know the trap boys?

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How well do you know the trap house boys??? You will be asked questions about their lives and things they do for the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ok how well do you know them???

If you like the trap boys then Thank you for taking this quiz at least your a cool person if you know them! Watch some more videos and maybe you’ll get a 100% score!

Created by: Zia Morris
  1. Who out of the group is emo?
  2. Who is scene?
  3. Who are the ghost hunters?
  4. Who gets the most scared when they are together?(in a paranormal investigation)
  5. Who cry’s the least?
  6. Who is single?
  7. Who’s from Kansas?
  8. Who lives alone?
  9. Do they sell merch?
  10. Who got famous on vine?
  11. Who loves trail mix?
  12. Did they break up?
  13. Are Sam and Colby still friends?
  14. Did Elton do something to Colby?
  15. Who’s the oldest?
  16. Who’s the youngest?
  17. Who’s the best singer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the trap boys?