How well do you know the Roman and Greek gods ?

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Hello . Welcome to my quiz . My name is AnnabethxPercy❤ and this quiz is about Roman and Greek gods cause incase u didn't know it's the same thing . Sooooo let me explain .

I tell you a name , you pick which Roman or Greek name is the other one e.g. What is Hermes's Roman name ? Then you chose one of the answers e.g. Esme Zeus Pluto Mercury . So let's begin 😃😃😃

Created by: AnnabethxPercy

  1. What is Zeus's Roman name?
  2. What is Athena's Roman name?
  3. What is Venus's Greek name?
  4. What is Diana's Greek name?
  5. What is Artemis's Roman name ?
  6. What is Hades's Roman name?
  7. What is Neptune's Roman name ?
  8. What is Juno's Greek name ?
  9. What is Venus's Greek name?
  10. What is Vulcan's Roman name ?
  11. Did you like this quiz ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Roman and Greek gods ?