How well do you know the krew?

This quiz is to test how much you know about krew. Will you past the test? next bit is because they wont let me make it if the paragraphs arent long enough

well this is randomness cus it wont let me publish it without sos so how ya doing um yea im bored writing this lol hope you enjoyed dose anyone read these?

Created by: Krew_Lover

  1. Who is the main person on the channel?
  2. How many krew members are there?
  3. What is Itsfunnehs fav color?
  4. How many dogs do they have (as of 2020)
  5. Who is the oldest in the krew?
  6. Who is the youngest in the krew?
  7. What game do the krew play?
  8. Dose the krew sell merch (as of 2020)
  9. Dose Itsfunneh and krew live together
  10. Dose Itsfunneh and krew have a cat?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the krew?