How Well Do You Know the I Am Number Four Series?

This is a quiz that will test your knowledge of Pittcsus Lore's series I Am Number Four. There is a series of questions that some will be difficult and some will be easy if you've read them.

After you finish you will get your score and tell you how well you know the books. This is just the original series not the Legacies Reborn series. Good luck!

Created by: Ella

  1. What was John Smith's name when he was in Florida and received the third scar?
  2. What is Nine's Cêpan's name
  3. Which one is NOT one of Marina's Legacies?
  4. What was Bernie Kosar's name on Lorien?
  5. How long was Six in the Mogadorian cave?
  6. Who kills Eight?
  7. Who is John's girlfriend?
  8. Which one is one of Nine's Legacies?
  9. What is the ability to cancel Legacies called?
  10. Who killed Setrákus Ra?
  11. What is the species of Bernie Kosar called?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the I Am Number Four Series?