How Well do you Know the Hunger Games?

This is a quiz where there is only one correct answer so brace yourself! I hope you enjoy it very much and see that your results are positive!PS this quiz is about Hunger Games if you have not figured that out yet.

I must say that I hope you have read these books. If not you are missing out on good reading.! If you get a bad score I hope you know why and that I dont hate , I dont even know you! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: annades49800

  1. Who is Katniss and Peeta's mintor?
  2. Who was killed by the Mutts?
  3. Who was the fist girl tribute Katniss saw die?
  4. Who did Katniss feel like she had to repay a debt ( and kept feeling like) to ?
  5. Who said these lines " WE could run away, you know."
  6. what rule was changed by the end of the Games?
  7. Who had the silver of silver bow and arrows before Katniss had them?
  8. How did Katniss atempt to take revenge on Peeta and the Carers?
  9. What did Katniss see of ,Glimmer , after she was stung by various tracker jackers?
  10. Who killed Clove?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Hunger Games?