How well do you know the hivewing queen?(super hard)

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Hi there! I hope you enjoy this quiz! I’ve worked really hard on it. These questions are super hard and if I was doing this quiz I would definitely not get a 100%! I’d be super impressed if you did, so go forward! It’s a real challenge!

How it works is there are 8 answers for 15 questions all about the hivewing Queen. Don’t try to take this quiz if you haven’t read it believe me! Like I said it’s super hard! I hope you enjoy it and get a high mark! Good luck! 😊

Created by: Isha

  1. Which hive did cricket steal an orphan egg from?
  2. What is the name of the dragonet cricket rescued?
  3. What makes Queen Wasp have the ability to control dragons?
  4. How did Cricket describe Katydid’s expression express when she found out Cricket couldn’t be mind controlled?
  5. What did Katydid call Queen wasp controlling them?
  6. What does bumblebee call sundew?
  7. Who tells Cricket who her real parents are?
  8. What does Lady Jewel do with her prisoners?
  9. How did the leafwings manage to burn down Bloodworm hive?
  10. Which Chrysalis did sundew meet?
  11. How many named heirs does Queen wasp have?(think carefully not everyone who is related to wasp can be an heir)
  12. Who is lady Jewels treasurer?
  13. Who was lady scarabs secretary?
  14. Does Lady Scarabs secretary have any relation to cricket or not?
  15. Last question! Two dragons traveled to pantala after they talked to Luna, who were they?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the hivewing queen?(super hard)